New millennium healthcare by SterEco: Green, clean and completely safe. SterEco products have passed the stringent EC 1935-2004 & US FDA 21 CFR 176.170 tests for safety & hygiene and at every stage stringent quality control measures are adopted to achieve this.

The hygiene advantage for hospitals, clinics & homes …. SterEco medical containers can be used safely and disposed easily.

The benefits are life saving because SterEco disposable medical containers do not create a chain of infection as reusable medical containers do. This ensures safety both for the healthcare worker as well as the patient, in turn translating to high caliber health care.

Infection control is a matter of worldwide concern and SterEco addresses this effectively by removing any need for disinfectors which could leave behind infections on plastic and stainless steel. Instead, a new product is provided each time which can be completely destroyed after use, leaving the planet cleaner and avoiding the slightest possibility of any infection being passed on.